SuperThrive Foliar Spray

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SUPERthrive is a kelp enhanced, natural vitamin solution that helps promote plant health from seedling to maturity. Trusted by professional farmers and growers since 1940, SUPERthrive is now available in a ready-to-use formula for the home gardener. Easy to apply; just spray foliage every 2-3 days.

SUPERthrive helps: Promote plant health Build plant vigor Use With: Seedlings and cuttings Outdoor flowers & vegetable plants Indoor houseplants & bonsai Directions for Use: Use as soon as first true leaves appear Spray both sides of leaves until moistened Use every 2-3 days throughout plant lifecycle If applicator becomes clogged, remove sprayer and soak in warm water to clear To avoid potential leaf burn, apply in the early morning Covers up to 100 square feet For best results, use with SUPERthrive Plant Food