Thank you for shopping with Plant Bar AZ! Below are a couple tips to help you uncap your green thumb!
  • Much like our pets, plants are living beings. They need time to adjust to their environment, as well as varying degrees of care and attention


  • While we would love to give you specific instructions, every environment is too different to do so. Humidity, temperature, and sunlight affect the plants


  • To ensure your new plant is not going thirsty, feel deep in the soil for moisture before watering. Overwatering is just as bad as under watering, keep that balance! Succulents do best when their roots have time to breathe between watering. One thing you can do is use a stick like a chopstick to check the moisture of the soil. If it comes out clean and dry it's time to water.


  • Sunlight is good for plants, but too much can be harmful. Indirect or filtered light is preferred


  • If you have some succulent cuttings be sure that you let the stem callous over before you water it to prevent rotting.
Below are some resources to research each plant you purchased more thoroughly so you understand their needs | |